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WCC Reference - Finnish Police

The Finnish Police was using a legacy system from 1993. The drawbacks:

  • Expensive to maintain (license, hardware, operations, customization)
  • Hardly used (therefore poor cost/benefit ratio)
  • Difficult to implement new rules and law changes

IT Modernization project Vitja was started to create a new Police Case Management System that is easy to use, reliable, efficient, and accurate. The Finnish Police selected WCC’s software platform ELISE as a key component of this new system.

Finnish Police press conference, Mika Pasanen pictured on the left

“WCC is important to the Finnish Police because police business is matching business.

Our head architect spent years looking for the right product. We selected WCC as our strategic partner because no one else comes even close to their fuzzy search technology. We needed an effective search engine to find the right targets, the right persons, the right addresses, from huge amounts of police data. WCC’s ELISE fit the bill perfectly. There is nothing like it on the market.”

We trust WCC because we already use ELISE in our ID mark register and everything works as promised. We are very happy with ELISE. In the next phase of the project, we plan to work together with WCC for other complex uses.”

In the first phase, we used ELISE for legacy data conversion from our old system. Later, we will migrate this data completely into ELISE. This is a good example of the many different ways to use ELISE. In the future we want to explore more complex uses of this software.”

—Mika Pasanen
Chief Superintendent of the Finnish National Police Board and Vitja Project Leader