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Tools & Utilities

Making life easier for ELISE technical management

Managing the ELISE technology platform is made easy with a suite of tools and utilities. ELISE is shipped with a wide range of utilities like data replication, data analytics tools, transaction analytics tools, monitoring tools, tools for managing matching rules and an evaluation kit. ELISE Insight pulls all the tools and utilities together to get excellent information about what is happening inside ELISE and how to improve the performance.

Data replication

Data is typically held in ‘source databases’, designed for transaction processing. In order to make such data available for effective and efficient searching, it needs to be replicated into ELISE. ELISE is shipped with a data replication utility that not only can replicate data into ELISE, but also can convert, improve and correct the data it replicates. Optionally it allows features to be extracted from the data being replicated.
In summary, populate ELISE with data to search.

Transaction analytics & Reporting

Transactions are being executed against ELISE, for the benefit of maintaining data but also searching for such data. These transaction analytics and reporting tools allow the user to obtain valuable insight in the types of transactions being executed, when such transactions are being executed, what kind of data is contained in such transactions etcetera.
In summary, gain insight in what’s happening. 

Data analytics & Reporting

Once the data is in ELISE, it becomes valuable to understand what kind of data is held in its database and perform all kinds of analytics on that data. For example, what is the spread between males and females, what is the geographic spread, what is the spread in age or combinations thereof.
In summary, gain insight in the data being present.

Exception analytics & Reporting

The environment in which ELISE operates may be instable. Hardware may fail, networks may report excessive retries, virus scanners may prohibit access to certain files and many other problems may occur. These exceptions are reported in the ELISE log file. The exception analytics and reporting tools give you insight in such issues.
In summary, gain insight in issues that occur.


As a rule, exception analytics and reporting are offline activities, whereas monitoring is performed either online or real-time. The monitoring toolset gives you real-time insight in the status of ELISE, its components and underlying hardware, operating system and network.
In summary, gain real-time insight in issues as they occur.

Management of matching rules

ELISE is a ‘rule based’ search and match engine. These rules must be defined and maintained in the ELISE Data Dictionary. Tools are supplied to help maintain such rules.