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The ELISE Software Platform

Superior Smart Search & Match Software

A platform should be a strong base upon which solutions can build. It must be reliable or else the structure that uses it as its base can fall over or crumble. The ELISE software platform is such a strong base. The versatility and the robustness of its architecture were proven over time in enterprise environments for almost two decades now. It is not only a strong platform that one can always rely on, it is also very versatile and many customers have yet to leverage the full potential of ELISE in their organizations. WCC is currently developing a suite of application specific modules that plug into the ELISE platform, making implementation even faster and easier. 
The ELISE software platform has been designed to find meaningful results in large amounts of complex data. It combines WCC's Smart Search & Match engine and underlying WCC's database technology, optimized for this kind of advanced search requirements. This platform is capable of searching through vast amounts of structured and unstructured data (stored in either external databases or in the ELISE database) and supplying a user with meaningful results in less than a second.  
The features that set the ELISE software platform apart from alternative platforms are:

  • An integrated database (versus index-based), allowing direct presentation of full result details from ELISE without the need of a separate database or separate database access;
  • Bi-directional matching (versus uni-directional searching), returning more relevant and fine-grained results;
  • Transparency in results (versus black box approach), to educate users in how the ranked results were comprised;
  • Ultimate customer service (versus 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th line support), assisting customers directly with the best available expertise available 24/7;
  • A bundled data migration (ETL) tool (versus offered separately), to make data migration easy.