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ELISE Architecture

Integrated Smart Search & Match

The ELISE software platform in its most abstract representation is shown in the picture below. Basically it consists of multiple matching nodes, an ingest module and the integration, load balancing and fail-over part. That is the core of the platform. Of course it has the APIs to interface (if required) with one or more external database systems at the back-end, but as ELISE has its own storage for data, it can be used without external databases. At the front-end the ELISE platform can easily interface with the application level. The architecture is highly modular in design, making it linearly scalable without loss of performance. Its modular architecture makes it also highly available as it can be spread over several hardware systems.

The Search and Match Engine Technology

In order to achieve its extremely high matching speeds, ELISE needs to have all relevant data in its own storage system. That data can be structured or unstructured and can be matched in a bi-directional way. Several pieces of intelligent software, such as the proprietary language technology (see video) and name matching technology (see video) add value to the matching result. But also the dynamic parameter adjustment helps to produce a better match result.

The ELISE Smart Search & Match technology can also include unstructured data in biometric form. Multi-modal fusion makes it possible to make a match on multiple forms of data in one search and match request. Biographic data in the form of text and Biometric data in for example the form of fingerprints can both be part of the search & match action for a particular query.

High Scalability & Availability

ELISE can perform millions of matches per second on fast CPUs and the performance is linearly scalable. Its use of grid techniques helps companies leverage their industry standard hardware and enhances scalability. 
Many WCC customers distribute ELISE components redundantly over multiple servers or even across data centers to achieve high availability of the system. It is commonplace among WCC customers to use ELISE in environments holding millions of data objects and executing thousands of match requests.
In one case, a customer's enterprise software infrastructure was attacked by a hacker. All their systems stopped working but ELISE recognized what was happening and restarted by itself. ELISE really never stops.

Easy Integration Options 

ELISE is a server-based matching engine that comes with application programming interfaces (APIs) to enable straightforward integration with your existing infrastructure.
You'll find ELISE to be a natural fit with your preferred technology:

  • Java
  • .NET
  • SOAPOracle WebLogic
  • IBM WebSphere
  • J2EE
  • Oracle Database
  • DB2
  • Microsoft SQL Server

Full Data Security

You can precisely configure data security for ELISE in a number of ways:

  • By user level (i.e. super user, owner, authenticated user and anonymous user);
  • By providing "hidden fields" accessible only to users at certain levels (i.e. owner and super user);
  • A password-based security model ensures that only authorized users gain access to data and/or matching functionality.

Dynamic Adjustment of Parameters

Even when traffic is high and the heat is on, ELISE lets you dynamically make changes to fields and weight factors without downtime. You can add, change, or remove properties without affecting system availability. No need to worry about data integrity. ELISE replicates the data from your databases into its own optimized system for use by your match-enabled applications. You determine when ELISE synchronizes with your database according to your needs. Set up real-time synchronization, near-time synchronization (batch synchronization) or identify events that will trigger a synchronization process. ELISE may also be used as the primary database, depending on your overall IT needs.

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Explaining exactly what the ELISE software platform can do and how it works and what the architectural possibilities are requires much more text than that you would want to read on our website. But if you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to send you more detailed documentation or discuss the possibilities face-to-face with you. Please call or e-mail us for more information.