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HERA CRVS software

Smiling newborn - the goal of effortless birth registration with HERA CRVS software

Bringing legal identity closer to all

The key to serving citizens is to know who they are. A legal identity unlocks access to a wide range of services, including education, healthcare, voting, transportation, and financial services. And yet, about one fifth of the world’s population lives and dies unknown, uncounted, unregistered.


CRVS: a vital stepping stone towards legal identity

Civil Registration is the universal, continuous, permanent, and compulsory recording of vital events, including birth, death, marriage, and divorce. This produces Vital Statistics on population dynamics, health, and inequities, enabling governments to improve economic growth and citizens’ wellbeing.

One key example of the importance of CRVS: it provides key information on birth rates and health to enable effective immunization.

CRVS: it starts at birth

Birth registration is an essential stepping stone toward a good CRVS system. Birth registration should be easy, fast, and universal—but right now, one in three children does not officially exist. Until now, there has not been a single effective software solution for birth registration. Governments urgently require a CRVS solution that is flexible, easy to implement and maintain, and cost-effective. Of course, without death registration, insights will be incomplete. For a full picture, both must be combined.

WCC proudly offers HERA, an innovative, flexible, ready-to-use CRVS solution that makes birth and death registration effortless. 

HERA actively involves health workers and parents, easing them through the birth registration process:

  • Feature phone | smartphone | tablet | laptop | desktop
  • No internet connection? No problem!
  • Interactive notifications
  • Storage of proof
  • Issuance of UIN and copy of birth certificate
  • Other vital events (death, marriage, divorce) can be registered similarly 

HERA combines expert consultancy & configuration based on international best practices
and country-specific requirements:

  • Support of open APIs for Civil Identity System
  • Compliant with UN guidelines
  • Dashboards and interactive maps
  • Taxonomy-driven
  • Vital statistics reporting (anonymized)
  • Privacy and security by design
  • Cloud-based or on-premise
  • Backed by many years of CRVS consultancy around the world

We are happy to demo HERA for you at a time and location of your convenience.  

Ask for HERA Demo

Ask for HERA Demo