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Application in Employment

WCC software for the Ultimate Match

To be honest, matching the right person with the right job is not easy. Let alone when it concerns large numbers of people and jobs. Using technology to support this process sounds logical, but it still is a complex matter. Résumés come in all forms as do job descriptions. They don't follow a standard format and the terms used vary widely even when they mean the same thing. Real people can usually interpret all the data and make sense of it. But most software programs aren't that smart. Our software however was built to solve just these kinds of issues.

Extracting, parsing and enriching resume and vacancy information from a variety of data sources (existing databases, website, etc.) is the first step. Getting useful data in the system highly improves the quality of the final match. Then comes the Smart Search & Match process. But as every customer has its own requirements such as ALMP's for PES, our customers can easily configure these requirements. Standard sets of parameters are a good way to start but in order to improve the matching result, the gathered data should be analyzed at regular intervals. Our Data Analysis consultants can for instance analyze your data to find the key prediction factors for your business. Our business consultants can help you with Value Based Matching, finding the most probable and most profitable candidates and putting them at the top of your list.