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Application in Employment

ELISE for the Ultimate Match

To be honest, matching the right person with the right job is not easy. Let alone when it concerns large numbers of people and jobs. Using technology to support this process sounds logical, but it still is a complex matter. Résumés come in all forms as do job descriptions. They don't follow a standard format and the terms used vary widely even when they mean the same thing. Real people can usually interpret all the data and make sense of it. But most software programs aren't that smart. ELISE however was built to solve just these kinds of issues.

Extracting, parsing and enriching resume and vacancy information from a variety of data sources (existing databases, website, etc.) is the first step. Getting useful data in ELISE highly improves the quality of the final match. Then comes the Smart Search & Match process. But as every organization has its own way of doing things, ELISE should be optimized per customer. Standard sets of parameters are a good way to start but in order to improve the matching result, the gathered data should be analyzed at regular intervals. Our Data Analysis consultants can for instance analyze your data to find the key prediction factors for your business. Our business consultants can help you with Value Based Matching, finding the most probable and most profitable candidates and putting them at the top of your list. The language technology built into ELISE forms an important part of software trying to understand and reason like a human would.

See video on language technology below.

ELISE can combine criteria such as hard and soft skills, work experience, education, availability, and also commercial yields easily in one single search and match request. In the end you want meaningful results that also show alternatives ranked in a meaningful way. 

Below are a few of the possible applications of ELISE in Employment:

Case Manager

  • Assess skills, suggest coursework or skills enhancements
  • Understand future career goals
  • Find similar cases that were successful


  • Compare resumes with similar candidate resumes
  • Match on financial yield. ELISE takes financial information on placements into account: margin, tariffs, salaries and average duration of placement
  • Match vacancies from the Internet against candidates from your own data sources
  • Use a unique categorization technology that clusters search results by skills, past experience, or locations, enabling recruiters to find and shortlist the right candidates within three mouse clicks
  • Understand certain parameters about the candidate
  • Travel distance between the candidate and the vacancy 
  • Salary requirements
  • Match on candidate availability. This eliminates the time spent on non-available candidates

Hiring Manager

  • Find the best applicant for an open position
  • Understand certain parameters about the position
  • Compare vacancies with similar available position vacancies

More ELISE Capabilities

Gap Analysis

  • What are the qualities of the jobs being sought (Match result)
  • What absent skills prevent a candidate from qualifying (Gap analysis)

Interactive Suggestion

  • Build a ‘wizard’ interface to ask the most relevant questions in a right sequence
  • Find employers that look for me (and vice versa)