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WCC's matching software has become the world standard in Employment applications. Its advanced matching technology and built-in industry expertise form the basis for its success. Since its inception, our software has been continually upgraded with features and content specifically designed for the employment market.

The ELISE software platform is the only technology that can combine biographic and biometric data in one match. That makes it a powerful tool for identifying the person or the goods you want to find. ELISE returns meaningful results, even when you don't know exactly how to phrase your query. It finds what others might not, incredibly fast!

The ELISE software platform has been specifically designed to run in large scale enterprise environments. Highly scalable and very reliable, it is used as the backbone of mission critical applications.

Designing an architecture that is both technologically advanced and very stable in enterprise environments is no simple task. Originally designed almost two decades ago it is still at the cutting-edge of technology today.