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Technical Consultancy

Making It All Work Technically

You can define ambitious business goals, develop great solutions but in the end the technical part of the solution must be put together and maintained. WCC technical consultants obviously have in-depth knowledge of ELISE and its configuration. They assist in matters such as cost/benefit analysis, assess technical architecture, user interface, scalability considerations, how to connect to other technical components, and how to integrate the technology into business processes. They can adjust parameters inside ELISE to optimize matching results for your specific situation and configure policies to suit your business needs.

Technical Support

As we are well aware of the critical nature of the applications we are involved in as the main search & match technology, we put maximum effort in technically supporting your systems. We pride ourselves in the fact that our customers tell us we deliver support at a level that they call ‘close to none’. Not that ELISE needs much support to run, but we never shy away when you have a problem. We want you to be happy, not just with our part of the total solution! But with the total.

System Audits 

The purpose of the System Audit is to quickly analyze, assess and evaluate the way you use ELISE in your daily operation. Topics covered include Business Rules, Quality of Matching, Data Replication, ELISE Configuration, Performance, Application Architecture and ELISE interaction (API usage). Recommendations are made based on the outcome of the System Audit. 

Consulting on Demand 

Consulting on Demand is a proactive allocation of our expertise to ELISE users (both technical and functional). This service is offered as a yearly subscription and can include all of our individual services. It is tailored to your particular context and demands. The advantage to Consulting on Demand is that our consultants and services are always available on short notice to deal with your specific questions and situations.