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Data Analysis Consultancy

The Better the Data, the Better the Results

WCC excels when it comes to handling very large data sets. It can search at incredibly high speed and come back with meaningful results in less than a second. All due to its unique Smart Search & Match technology. But what if the matching results can be five percent better? What can that mean for your bottom line? Your data harbors secrets that once unveiled can give you new business opportunities or make your decision process more effective. Insight in your data can give you that edge you were looking for.

WCC's data analysis consultants can help you create those insights, clean up your data and give you advice on how to improve your data in other ways.

Data De-duplication

One way of cleaning up your data is by running it through the WCC Data De-duplication process. WCC has a service that checks your data (biographic and biometric data) on duplicates. It uses its proprietary Name Matching technology to find possible duplicates and presents ranked results of possible matches when looking for duplicates. Data de-duplication is important because it can for example avoid giving entitlements to one person twice. But in general data de-duplication will keep your data healthy and improve the quality of the search and match results. View the video on De-duplication.

Our data analysis consultants can be of value before you start implementing a solution, but they have also shown to be valuable after a system had been in use for a while. The insights usually lead to even better performance, more accurate matches or more successful matches.

Example: Similar Case Information

Making ‘similar case information’ available to a caseworker requires thorough analysis of historical data and presenting it in the relevant context at the right time. ELISE’s capability allows for this, but getting it right involves experts that can optimize the data for this particular application. That is where the expertise of WCC's data analysis consultants comes in. They know from experience, working with customers, how to optimize ELISE in order to make every caseworker more effective and keeping people in their new jobs longer.

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