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Workforce Singapore (WSG) chooses WCC’s matching software

Utrecht, January 4, 2018 - WSG, Public Employment Services Singapore uses as their job search portal for local jobseekers and employers to match jobs and vacancies. In order to improve the services to employers, WSG engaged WCC to test-bed and provide “Applicant Ranking and Talent Recommendation”. These services aim to help employers save time in identifying suitable and potential job candidates, thereby reducing job mismatches (where the candidate may lack the skills required), and missed matches (where jobseekers are not applying for the jobs for which they have the skills). The employer module is slated for launch in the first half of 2019.

WCC chief operating officer Jan Muchez said in an interview in The Straits Times that the technology uses machine learning algorithms to create profiles of jobseekers, by categorizing data from curricula vitae and adding related terms to increase the chances of a match. The portal can then recommend to employers the most suitable candidates, including those who have indicated they are open to receiving job offers but have not applied to a specific job ad. “This broadens their candidate list since they are not necessarily dependent on active jobseekers who apply. They can now also approach the ‘latent’ job seekers,” he said.

What sets WCC’s software apart from the competition is:

  • On the input side, we take CV’s and run them through machine learning algorithms to classify their content into categories (job title, skills, education etc.)
  • In doing so we add all kinds of synonyms and otherwise related terms based on a database of how certain terms relate to each other (an ontology)
  • At the time of searching in the database our clients apply an auditable matching algorithm to control and rank the output (occupation may have a higher weight than education e.g.) With an auditable matching algorithm a PES can achieve transparency towards all stakeholders since the entire matching and ranking is fully explainable is an integral part of WSG’s Adapt and Grow initiative, and complements the Government’s efforts to build and develop an adaptable and competent workforce to prepare Singaporeans for careers of the future, based on skills and competencies and lifelong learning programs. The approach of enhancing the portal based on users’ feedback and needs is also aligned with the Government’s Smart Nation vision of co-creating and delivering more citizen-centric Government digital services.

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