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WCC's HERMES fulfills ICAO API/PNR requirements

Utrecht, September 20, 2017 - HERMES is the newly released WCC software product that provides a solution to countries that are part of the United Nations and have to be compliant with the upcoming ICAO regulation making APIS mandatory. 

Not only does HERMES provide the ‘tick-in-the-box’ to meet the ICAO requirements, it provides advanced features that put the “Smart” into “Smart Borders”. Click here for more information on HERMES.

WCC understands the organizational and legal challenges a country faces with having to implement such a system. For example, they may be required to setup a special department that will take on the responsibility of this new APIS, or national legislation may need to be written allowing the country to collect API data from inbound passengers.


Advance Passenger Information, which contains biographic information like name, date and place of birth, and travel document number, is used by the border control and law enforcement officials to automatically screen passengers against available or newly created watch lists. In case a passenger shows on a watch list, the officials can now decide what action should be taken before the flagged passenger disembarks the aircraft.