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WCC Takes Important Step in Latin America

Utrecht, May 31, 2018 - Helping people find sustainable jobs is probably the most effective way to increase a nation’s well-being and prosperity. It creates income, grows the economy, and adds security to people’s lives. But finding a sustainable job can be difficult. Servicio Publico de Empleo (SPE), responsible for supporting Colombian jobseekers in this effort, has decided to take the next step in the development of its services.

This next step starts with collecting and sharing knowledge about best practices, technological developments, and other new ideas on how to improve and extend the services. Of course, efficiency is important, but the focus will be on effectivity: gaining better insight into labor market development to influence processes and maximize the long-term potential of the total workforce. For this strategic step SPE has forged an alliance with WCC, the world’s leading supplier of software, consulting, and knowledge for Public Employment Services.

Under this alliance:

WCC will transfer knowledge on the implementation of IT systems for public employment services from its international experience. It will also connect SPE with allied public employment services to transfer knowledge on employability and population assistance programs. WCC will facilitate and host a webinar in which SPE will share knowledge with its colleagues in other countries. SPE will also gain access to other virtual programs that WCC leads through its platform.

SPE in turn will support WCC’s referencing strategy and relationships to the public employment services (SPE) in the region. SPE will be the main presenter in a WCC-hosted webinar, and share their experiences regarding the developments in the Colombian employment services.

Lastly, SPE and WCC would like to announce that they intend to improve the current labor market IT system, SISE, using WCC’s technology and knowledge. The first action in this process will be for WCC consultants to analyze the SISE system.

"Our technological infrastructure effectively brings together jobseekers and companies searching for personnel. Yet we are always looking for ways to improve our platform. Our organization embraces the use of technology and we are at the forefront of the digital era. We decided to ally with WCC to learn about best practices other PES use. We are confident that as a result, more Colombians will find formal and sustainable work, and the private sector will attract the right human talent," said the director of the Public Employment Service, Isabel Cristina De Ávila.

CEO WCC Jan Jensen: “We are proud to support SPE and other public employment services in Latin America. As the world leader in public employment solutions we are sure that our leading-edge technology combined with our long-term experience and unique industry expertise will be of great benefit to all parties involved.”

About SPE

Servicio Público de Empleo (SPE) is the public employment service of Colombia. It is committed to establishing a system through which workers can find a job suitable for their profile and employers hire workers appropriate to their needs. SPE is the organization that makes the process of matching supply and demand of work more efficient and effective.