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WCC launches HERA birth registration pilot with MIIT, Myanmar

Utrecht, February 10, 2020 - WCC Group is joining forces with the Myanmar Institute of Information Technology (MIIT) in a pilot project to create a birth registration process fit for the Myanmar context. The pilot is built on WCC Civil Registration & Vital Statistics (CRVS) solution HERA.

CRVS is key to the wealth and wellbeing of a nation and its citizens. Yet over 100 countries lack adequate structures and systems to register vital events and benefit from the result. Around 1 billion people in the world cannot prove their legal identity.

WCC HERA covers the full spectrum of CRVS from birth to death. Uniquely, it fully supports UN Sustainable Development Goal 16.9 (‘by 2030, provide legal identity for all, including birth registration’), works on a range of devices including low-tech options, and is easy to implement and use anywhere, from modern well-equipped hospitals to remote rural situations.

In the pilot, WCC and MIIT will identify and engage stakeholders in the birth registration process and customize HERA for the Myanmar birth registration workflow, including translation. The solution will be tested and validated by participating private hospitals. The outcome of the project and HERA capabilities are then to be presented to Myanmar CRVS stakeholders.

Although HERA fully supports UN SDG 16.9 and follows UN standards and recommendations, WCC is aware of the diversity of challenges in birth registration implementations. Therefore, WCC values collaborations with local authorities and groups to strengthen its solutions and implementation processes. In doing so, WCC also values the contribution that as a private company it can add to the educational institutions and the future generations of these countries.

About MIIT

Established in 2015 and located in Mandalay, the Myanmar Institute of Information Technology (MIIT) offers undergraduate programs in Computer Science & Engineering and Electronics & Communication Engineering. MIIT is a joint venture between the Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and the Government of the Republic of India, created with a view to emerge as one of the top universities of IT in Myanmar. MIIT participates in the WCC pilot in line with its vision to spearhead university-industry linkages in Myanmar.

About WCC

WCC advanced software solutions built on top of its leading search & match engine deliver unmatched value to customers worldwide. WCC HERA is a Civil Registration & Vital Statistics solution that enables fast and effortless registration of vital events such as birth and death. WCC HERA offers insights into registration processes and statistics to enable governments to improve resource allocation and planning.