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WCC HERA CRVS Solution at COM5

Lusaka, Zambia, 17 October 2019—WCC Group, a global leader in ID solutions and software, addressed the urgent need for a comprehensive Civil Registration & Vital Statistics (CRVS) solution at the Fifth Conference of African Ministers Responsible for Civil Registration in Lusaka, Zambia.

Civil Registration and Vital Statistics are key to the wealth and wellbeing of a nation and its citizens. Many countries do not yet have adequate structures and systems in place to register vital events and benefit from the result. One in four children born worldwide is not registered. Around 1 billion people in the world cannot prove their legal identity. Globally, less than half of all deaths are properly documented. More than 100 countries lack the capacity to track vital events such as birth, death, and marriage. All this prompted UN Sustainable Development Goal 16.9: ‘By 2030, provide legal identity for all, with birth registration’.

To address this, WCC launched its CRVS solution HERA at the June 2019 ID4Africa conference in Johannesburg, South Africa. Named after the Greek goddess of childbirth and family and grounded in extensive domain expertise, HERA covers the full spectrum of CRVS from cradle to grave. Uniquely, it fully supports UN SDG 16.9, works on a range of devices including low-tech options, and is easy to implement and use anywhere, from modern well-equipped hospitals to remote rural situations.

WCC has over two decades of experience in developing software for extracting meaningful results from large amounts of complex data. In HERA, this translates into a highly user-friendly and accessible solution that makes the registration of vital events, and the extraction of useful insights from these, effortless. Field workers register birth and death fast and efficiently. The collected data is clearly presented using dashboards, heatmaps and data analytics to give registrars the immediate insights and control to inform decision-making and optimize field management. Because the ID landscape is a complex ecosystem of many disparate, siloed systems, HERA is fully interoperable and customizable.