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WCC expands in Asian market

Utrecht, March 29, 2019 - Malaysian Public Employment Service Pertubuhan Keselamatan Sosial (Perkeso, Social Security Organisation) has engaged the world-leading Search & Match company WCC to implement a complete solution for search & match for jobseekers, employers, and employment service officers.

With a background in ‘Return to Work’ programs for injured and disabled people, Perkeso has the strongest position in Malaysia to now also cater for people with loss of employment. Building up this capacity since the beginning of 2018, Perkeso saw a need for a professional – off the shelve – software solution.  With a total of 350 employment service officers for a workforce of ca. 15,5M people, Perkeso looked for a scalable solution that would enable them to be the most efficient PES. Through the worldwide PES association, they not only found a partner – in cooperation with Belgian VDAB – but also WCC with their complete solution.

With the combination of Jobseeker Search & Match portal, Employer portal and Caseworker application, all built on the un-rivaled Employment Platform, Perkeso is equipped with the efficient and effective solution every PES needs for the future challenges in the labor markets.