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WCC’s Taxonomy manager now available for cloud use

Utrecht, August 17, 2018 - Public Employment Services (PES) and Workforce Agencies depend on excellent and up-to-date knowledge about the labor market to find their jobseekers suitable jobs. To store and manage this knowledge we have developed the WCC Taxonomy manager. It can handle all the tasks necessary to maintain this labor market knowledge base and is the basis for applications such as enrollment (vacancy classification and input completion), search and match, gap analysis, labor market development reporting, etc.

WCC’s Taxonomy manager can be bought pre-configured with one of the standard taxonomies such as ESCO or ROME 3, but it can easily be modified to adhere to local requirements.

It has been on the market for a while, but now it is also available for cloud use. Apart from installing it on-site, it is now possible to have it hosted by your preferred cloud services supplier or have WCC host it and get the WCC Taxonomy manager as a service (SaaS).
With this step WCC has lowered the TCO of its Taxonomy manager and makes it easier for a PES or Workforce Agencies to integrate this powerful labor market knowledge manager into their systems.

Using the WCC Taxonomy manager will reduce the cost of managing a complex taxonomy and improve the quality of the services based on this knowledge.

To download the brochure on the Taxonomy manager click here.