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Skills assessment app using ESCO and AI

Utrecht, December 6, 2018 - Getting refugees a job soon is very important. It gives them security and makes them feel needed. Of course, it also reduces the cost of giving social benefits. In Germany, there is the My Skills initiative from the Bundesagentur that we presented in our PEPTalk of last June. In our PEPTalk of December, we presented a different approach for the same challenge. The challenge is to assess the competences of a refugee and turning it into a document that can be used to find that refugee a job. This different approach consists of an App that helps a refugee to assess the skills he or she has gained through past experiences, and they can do it in their own language. It uses the ESCO taxonomy including over 13,500 individual skills and nearly 3,000 occupations, as well as state of the art artificial intelligence to generate a resume that the refugee can use to apply for a job. Furthermore, the resulting skill profiles can then be used by individuals, employment services, education institutions, and others, and can be integrated into existing career and education services.

Mr. Ulrich Scharf, Managing Director of Skilllab explained how it all works and how a PES can use it to improve the chances of refugees in finding suitable work more quickly and efficiently. You can still see the PEPTalk on demand. Just click here for more information on how to view this webinar.