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PES Iceland chooses WCC software to improve their services to the public

Utrecht, December 24, 2018 - After a careful selection process VMST, the Icelandic Public Employment Services, has chosen WCC’s software to improve their services to the public.
Iceland is the first country to use the European ESCO standard as their labor knowledge market domain model. To update and maintain the ESCO taxonomy, VMST will use WCC’s Taxonomy manager. Our Taxonomy manager is specifically designed to support public employment applications for matching vacancies and jobseekers and will decrease significantly the amount of time spent on managing the knowledge base of Iceland’s PES applications. Iceland will also be using WCC’s Matching software, which enables VMST to differentiate between groups of jobseekers and give more personalized support.

Finally, Iceland will implement WCC’s Enrollment software. Getting the right information at the start results in good quality data which is of crucial importance for the quality of the match for both jobseeker and employer. WCC’s Enrollment software supports jobseekers and employers during every step in the enrollment process by offering suggestions and guiding the user, using the labor market knowledge base (ESCO) as the single source of truth. Improved enrollment gives better quality data, resulting in a better match. It frees up time for the case worker and is all done in a transparent way based on an industry standard labor market knowledge base!