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Successful launch of Finnish Police System with WCC

Finnish Police press conference, Mika Pasanen pictured on the left

Utrecht, 1 March 2019 - Recently, the Finnish Police launched its new Police Intelligence System, POTI. Its aim: to shift police efforts from investigating crimes after they take place, to preventing crimes from happening in the first place. For this, they needed a centralized, comprehensive, and consistent way to process data.

Image: Press conference with Chief Superintendent Mika Pasanen (left). Source.

WCC is proud of its crucial involvement in this project.

One of the hardest nuts to crack for police organizations is interoperability. Interoperability is not just a question of getting all the different IT systems and applications to communicate and exchange information. It is just as important to make the data easy to access and use without compromising data security and privacy. Done right, this can greatly reduce maintenance costs while increasing transparency and efficiency.

The Finnish Police took on the interoperability challenge in a large-scale IT modernization project, resulting in the POTI system which was recently launched to great acclaim. WCC has been involved in this project from the beginning. Our software plays a vital part in the POTI business processes, where people, addresses, vehicles, and so on are connected to cases.

Mika Pasanen, the Chief Superintendent who headed the project, said: “We selected WCC as our strategic partner because no one else comes even close to their fuzzy search technology. We needed an effective search engine to find the right suspects, the right persons, the right addresses, from huge amounts of police data. WCC’s software fit the bill perfectly. There is nothing like it on the market.”

The POTI system will be used not just by the police, but also by Finnish Customs, the Finnish Border Guard and the Finnish Defence Forces. This will improve the exchange of information between the various authorities. Shared use will also enable the more efficient distribution and allocation of resources between the authorities.

The Finnish Police is a global trailblazer ranked #1 in Reliability of Police Services by the World Economic Forum. At WCC, we are proud of our long and successful cooperation with the Finnish Police.


  • is a national information system developed by the police
  • will be available to all police units by the end of 2019
  • will be used by the Finnish Police as well as Finnish Customs, the Finnish Border Guard, and the Finnish Defence Forces
  • aims to prevent and uncover crimes, instead of investigating them afterwards
  • provides a consistent recording and ERP system for all data that can be gathered, stored and processed before initiating the actual criminal investigation
  • will process data in a centralized, comprehensive, and consistent way to increase the transparency and quality of operations
  • will reduce costs arising from the maintenance of several separate systems and enable more efficient information management

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