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Find more people jobs: look beyond just work history

Utrecht, November 14, 2019 - Finding jobseekers suitable jobs based solely on previous occupations can be rather difficult. But when mapping jobseekers’ competences to their past occupations, the matching system can cast the net wider, look for occupations that fit a similar set of competences, and turn up potential jobs that would not have been found otherwise.

When enrolling a jobseeker, the caseworker can help select the most applicable competences and even add some that the jobseeker has, but which are not related to their past occupations. The system assigns weights and values to these competences and returns ranked lists of possible jobs. In the PEPTalk, Karin Hackensöllner-Ali and Bettina Huber elaborate on how they do this at AMS.

From WCC’s side Ludger Weller, who cooperates closely with AMS on matching matters, highlights the benefits of leveraging this knowledge in other parts of a comprehensive matching system as well.

Watch the PEPTalk about using skills and work history for better job matching on-demand.