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Partnership benefits in detail

Partner Program Benefits In Detail

Here are the Partner Program benefits you’ll receive:

Software, technical information, training, and tools

  • ELISE software 
    • A long-term development license to use ELISE for your integration, development, and demonstration efforts
  • Documentation 
    • A complete suite of documentation from beginner’s guides to technical manuals that provide the details on how to use and optimize ELISE
  • Software tools 
    • Templates to speed development plus management and analysis tools to help you integrate and develop your solution
  • eLearning 
    • Everything you need to know about ELISE on-line in a modular, self-paced format
  • On-site consulting and training 
    • Gives you a head start on your integration and development efforts or just helps you out if you get stuck
  • Technical information and Support 
    • 24/7 resources to help you learn or solve problems

Sales/marketing information, tools, and activities

  • Customizable marketing materials and tools 
    • Presentations, collateral, case studies, brochures and more will make it easier to tell the ELISE story
  • Web link on the WCC web site 
    • We’re proud of our partners and want to tell the world about you
  • Co-marketing activities 
    • Marketing – and selling – with our partners is one of the strongest ways of going to market, whether that’s through success stories, direct mail campaigns, web-banners, industry events, or local seminars
  • Commissions 
    • Generous sales commissions for resellers

Additional Benefits

  • WCC Champion 
    • A champion within WCC to help you access and work with: 
      • WCC’s consultants and developers on technical issues 
      • WCC’s sales and marketing teams on RFPs, demos, and pricing
  • Partner Mailing List 
    • Emailings to the Partner Mailing List will keep you up to date with latest developments at WCC