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Identity & Security

Having secure borders is becoming increasingly more important. Making the right decisions at the right time can be crucial. WCC's ELISE software supports the decision making process with its multi-modal capabilities, combining biometric and biographic data.

Solving crime involves having meaningful information from different sources, preferably as soon as possible. With features like Multi-Cultural Name Matching and the possibility to search through existing police databases in a matter of seconds, ELISE software makes this possible.

Giving people what they are rightfully entitled to and avoiding fraud. That is what ELISE technology helps large organizations do. Data De-duplication is an important WCC Service that reduces the risk of fraud to a minimum and saves organizations money and a lot of trouble.

WCC’s experts understand how to integrate into complex, large scale IT infrastructures. Services include Data Analytics, Data De-duplication, and integration with existing systems including biometric and biographic data. Our experts make the difference.