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Expertise in the Identity Market

Our Experts Have Worked in Your Business

Identity matching is a complex matter. It usually involves many different stakeholders and interests. Often it is also a matter of politics, laws and privacy laws in particular. Tying it all together takes time, patience and perseverance. It also means working in complex projects with many different partners. WCC's consultants have the right experience. They have been working in your business for many years.

They also participate in international standards organizations and are co-writers on industry reports. Reports our experts have contributed to can be downloaded from the list on the right.

WCC experts are member of:

  • Implementation and Capacity Building Working Group (ICBWG) of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for the Traveler Identification Program (TRIP).
  • ISO/IEC JTC1/SC17/WG3 – Machine Readable Travel Document (MRTD) standards
  • CEN/TC224 WG19 – Breeder document standards for the European Union (EU)
  • ID Standards Working Group – World Bank ID4D
  • The Hague Colloquium on the Future of legal identity
  • Secure Identity Alliance