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Public Employment Services

The World Standard in Matching for Public Employment Services

WCC's software solution for PES is the only solution in the world uniquely developed for Public Employment Services. It enables a PES to actively influence the labor market, reduce unemployment, and improve the employment potential of a nation. It matches people with jobs based on active labor market policies and other labor market insights. It distinguishes specific target groups and applies specific paths for these target groups. This gets much better results than alternatives such as algorithm-based approaches.

Based on their profiles (skills, education, past jobs) jobseekers get personalized advice on the available sustainable jobs, or on how to close the gap to alternative jobs. They can get this advice in self-service mode or through a counselor who uses WCC's application. Different ambitions can be researched to widen the jobseeker’s options. The application can also be used by employed people to assess their situation and gain advice on how to achieve their ambitions, optimize their employability, and prevent unemployment.

Our software solution for PES also supports employers in finding the ideal employee. They can match by defined target groups. To optimize their vacancy descriptions, they can analyze the gap between their vacancy and the labor market offering.

PES business management can define target groups and active labor market policies in the application very quickly and easily. The advice given to jobseekers is completely transparent, which enables accountability for the choices made.

Apart from supplying the best possible software in public employment, WCC offers unique expertise developed in the last 20 years having the biggest public employment agencies in the world as its customers. One way of leveraging this expertise is by analyzing the customer’s data and thus improving the matching results. Another way of leveraging it is by supplying software that includes best practices. Making processes more efficient, saving costs and increasing the sustainability of a job match thus reducing the total unemployment time of the total labor force in a country. 

View the video that our customer VDAB made to explain the matching process using our software.