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Expertise in Employment

Our Experts Have Worked in Your Business

ELISE and employment basically is a match made in heaven. Our software was literally made for it. ELISE can mean the world to an organization that has matching as its core business. But that being said doesn't make employment matching easy. There is a lot involved in getting people the right job and employers finding the most valuable people. In Staffing, for example, there is a big difference in matching low level jobs (does this person have a good reputation of being at work on time and does he live in the area) or high-level jobs (does the person have an academic way of thinking and is he developing himself). The matching criteria vary widely and should be adjustable. Using one general matching process would not be giving the results that are needed. Also, how people look for jobs and employers look for people is changing due to changing technology and subsequently changing human behavior. Being able to adjust timely and adequately as an organization is important. 

Our Business consultants, Solution consultants, Technical consultants, and Data analysts have ample experience in employment applications. They can help you getting the most out of the ELISE technology platform and out of your data. They design new front-end applications to fit your specific needs, some of which will be released in the coming year.

WCC consultants are also involved in expertise committees such as the ESCO Maintenance Committee in Europe. 

An example: Talent analytics consultancy

Making talent decisions based on success predictors, rather than on instinct and gut feel, can lead to vastly improved results. The challenge in employment is to identify the predictors for their business and to incorporate those factors into their day-to-day operations. WCC employs a data-driven methodology to determine success predictors for talent management. Useful information includes candidate and job order data, of course, but business outcome data, as well as financial data, can also be important. Using this data, our experts follow a three-step methodology to determine the key prediction factors for your business.

  1. We analyze your historic data by extracting key features and applying advanced mathematical
  2. Then we train ELISE based on the outcome of step one to fine tune the appropriate models
  3. Finally, we operationalize the system so it becomes part of your daily business processes

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