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Staying Ahead with Smart Search & Match

Rapid development in technology and new customer behavior changes the playing field for staffing companies at an increasingly faster pace. What was true yesterday may not be true tomorrow. To survive in this environment, you have to anticipate change, adjust quickly, and embrace new opportunities. Having the right partner that can support you in this strategically critical challenge is crucial!


Today's important questions are:

  • How to cope with the rapidly increasing quantity and variety of data and information sources?
  • How to handle the continuous pressure on margins?
  • How to address the trend of self-service and going mobile?
  • How to find the right match faster than the competition?

Increasing margins is achieved by reducing costs and/or increasing revenue. Self-service can make processes more efficient, reducing the costs for a staffing company, but it is also something that customers want: to have control over their own situation and information anytime, anywhere. Making information available on every mobile device gives a staffing firm an edge over its competitors.

Increasing revenue means getting more matches faster at preferably better prices. To make this possible your recruiters need the best possible information gathered from all relevant data sources, real-time. They'll also need the right technology that can transform all that unstructured data to the most meaningful results, reducing the time they have to spend on analysis. Preferably they should get support in deciding which cases have the highest probability and the highest profitability, so they can work on the cases they should be spending their time on.

WCC has all the technology, expertise and partners to help staffing firms with these challenges. It has been successfully helping large staffing firms for almost two decades and gained a lot of experience doing so. WCC uses this expertise to leverage the potential of ELISE and the already available data of the customer.

ELISE was specifically built for matching, using large amounts of unstructured data. With for example built-in language technology that "understands" unstructured data, bi-directional matching that looks at the equations from both sides, and ranked results that give the recruiter meaningful results.

See the video on Language Technology below.

  • WCC offers Data Analysis consultancy. Optimizing the already available data that a customer has in its system, it will improve the quality of the proposed matches.
  • WCC’s Value Based Matching approach helps the recruiter find the most probable and most profitable cases adding to the bottom line.  

Some of our customers in the staffing market include:

Robert Half