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Self-Service in Public Employment

Lower Costs with Self-Service

The pressure is on. Reducing cost is a ‘must do’. Yet the challenge of finding large numbers of unemployed people a job has never been greater. There are two roads leading to lower costs: increase efficiency and/or increase effectiveness. A major trend in increasing efficiency is self-service. It is not only interesting from the perspective of the organization, as it decreases the need for caseworkers, but also from the point-of-view of the person who is unemployed. People nowadays like to manage their own matters with the help of technology-based solutions. Self-service web portals, video chat, smart-phone and tablet Apps all help to increase efficiency.


WCC’s ELISE technology platform can easily be integrated with self-service web capabilities. This enables job seekers to for instance:

  • Search for jobs;
  • Get advice on alternative careers and the associated job applications;
  • Get personalized advice on and applying for additional training and education to increase their prospects of getting a job;
  • Update information about their progress etc.

It gives them access to their own data and reduces the need for caseworker time.