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About WCC

WHAT we do

WCC is the world’s leading developer of advanced search and match technology. Our software enables large organizations to make optimal business decisions through better use of available data sources. The data can be exact or inexact, structured or unstructured, private or public, and take any modality. Unlike conventional database technology, our software effortlessly handles enormous data volumes and returns useful results in under a second. 
The key to our success is our unique approach to search and match. Our award-winning technology provides insight into a wide array of relevant information hidden in databases. 

WHY we do it

WCC strongly believes that organizations and people can make much better decisions than they do now. Why? Because conventional search methods fail them, being unable to factor in the human element and deal with complex data. Our software helps you base each decision on the best possible information, and answers your questions even before you ask them.
Because search results improve as more knowledge is fed back into the system, we make software that ‘learns’ continuously from the insights of people in the business. We believe end users should have control over the decision-making process. Their unique knowledge, backed by the most relevant information, makes the difference. Software should support, not try to take over, the decision-making process.

WHOM we serve

Our company strategy demands in-depth knowledge of our customers’ business. That is why WCC focuses on two markets:

1.    Large staffing and public employment organizations

Matching people with jobs fast and profitably is the core of this market, and WCC has proven to be unequalled in doing just that. We excel because we never stop developing new software solutions for the changeable employment market. Bi-directional matching, gap analysis, value-based matching and talent insight are only a few examples.

WCC’s technology is highly valued both by IT specialists and by its actual end users. We make sure we can meet the most stringent technical requirements without losing sight of user-friendliness. Our software presents information in a clear, actionable format, and allows for easy individual adjustments to fine-tune results. Many of the world’s largest staffing and employment organizations already rely on our technology.

2.    Large organizations in identification

Law enforcement, Border Patrol, and airport security organizations all face the challenge of quickly and accurately identifying people from huge amounts of data spread over many databases and different formats. WCC’s technology interfaces with all kinds of databases. It selects and combines relevant data, whether biographical or biometric, to help the end user make timely and optimal decisions. This end user can be any governmental agency or department, each with its own operational function, constraints and (data) privacy regulations.

The security needs of this market are stringent. WCC’s ELISE software incorporates all the necessary evidence-based algorithms to correctly identify the right people. We are involved in several major projects in the challenging Identification market, working with our customers to ever expand industry expertise.

HOW we do it

At WCC, we combine outstanding software development skills with in-depth knowledge of our customers’ business and needs. Great software alone is not enough to get the best results. There is nothing we value more highly than our customers’ input and feedback. Working closely together, we co-create targeted software modules for solving customer- and market-specific problems.


WCC’s unique software platform ELISE is versatile, powerful, extremely accurate, and incredibly fast, as proven in enterprise-scale implementations of a variety of strategically critical IT applications worldwide since 1996. 

We call our solution Smart Search & Match, because it ‘learns’ from past behavior and can interpret a huge range of data based on context. ELISE not only searches in a Smart way, it also makes Smart Matches (e.g. a job to a person). It does all this while being an integral part of operational processes in organizations.

The robustness and round-the-clock availability of our technology has earned us the trust of very large organizations in mission-critical applications. 


WCC’s experienced business consultants help you deploy the system and adjust the parameters to your specific needs, so that you get the most out of our Smart technology. But even after deployment, we make every effort to increase your system’s decision-making performance. Our consultants analyze the gathered data and further adjust parameters to make the system even Smarter. Their profound industry knowledge is what really sets us apart from the competition. 

We know how to rank search and match results to achieve optimal outcomes; how to distribute labor market programs and services across the unemployed population so as to minimize unemployment; or how to identify high-risk travelers fast and efficiently without delaying legitimate travelers. 

Customers qualify our technical support and expertise as “second to none”. 

WHY you should choose WCC

You should choose WCC when you want a company that:

  • helps you find what you need, fast;
  • makes your front-end people smarter than the competition;
  • helps you reach your strategic goals, whether increasing your bottom line, achieving more effective (national) security or improving efficiency in the labor market;
  • will invest in getting to know your business through and through;
  • is a leader in its field with a solid track record since 1996;
  • has extensive worldwide experience working in large projects for enterprise-size organizations in close cooperation with major technology, system integration, and implementation partners.